mardi 9 octobre 2018

Ssucculent layout for Little Birdie craft

Succulent Layout

Hello hello Little Birdies fans, today I am sharing ng with you this layout made from the cutest succulents paper pack collection. I thought that this was the perfect match to this picture of my daughter taken 2 years ago.
To start this project, I chose a wooden pattern paper and 4 succulents motifs papers. I had also do fuzzy cutting on the succulent paper.
To add deap to the paper a had used a Sharpy  to add a contour to the papers. I did not use a guide because a wanted the edges to be more natural.

I had prepare my background paper with a thin layer of gel medium and dy it. Than I have choose 3 Color Splash that matches my papers and add platters with a paint brush and then add a little bit of water to diluate the color. It is very important to dry well between each colors.
Then I add splash color to my Cheese cloth and dry it.
I used white gesso on my chipbord and then color it with Color Splash
It was now time to assemble my papers, the fuzzy cutting, the cheese cloth and my chipboard title.
Then the fun part begins when it is time to add flowers ! Little Birdie flowers are so beautiful ! You will always find the perfect flowers for your projects!
Once my flowers was glued, I found that someting was missing to my layout. To make the succulent papers more appearent, I decide to cut my background paper a litle bit and glued it to an with paper.
As usual, I love to add splatteres of white gesso mixed with water as final touch on a project.
Here some closed up of my layout

samedi 29 septembre 2018