Zen succulents garden

Hi Little Birdie fans! Today I am very excited to share my Zen Succulents garden with you! The Little Birdie succulents are so cute, it is impossible to not love them !
I use a compartimented wooden box for the base of my Succulents garden.
My first step was to apply a coat of Fiber paste with a spatula on the sides and on the front of the box. I dry it with my heat gun.
Then I generously apply Mocha color splash on the entire boxe. This step was a litle bit messy, but totally worth-it ! One again I dry it with my heat gun.
To create more of a wood effect, I have use Tattered Lace matt chalk paint with a dry brush, and applied it  randomly over the box.
I have use a lose peace of foam in the bottom of the box. I glue it down with hot glue. This was perfect to hold my Succulents pieces.
Once everything was very dry, the fun part begun ! It was time to create a tiny Zen Succulents garden.  With my scissor, I make holes to support the Succulents and I glued everything down with hot glue. Once I was happy with the result, I have had Mixed Media Stones to cover the foam.

At the end I made 3 little bows with Sisal and added them on my garden.
I call it my Zen Succulent garden because I really enjoy all the creative process, it was very zen.
Hope you will enjoy this as much as I do, wish you a lots of fun with your own Succulents garden,
See you soon,
Annie XX
Supplies used from Little Birdie Crafts: